Creating unique custom cycling jerseys is easy with our 4 step process.


Send us your concept. There are many ways you can send it to us:

  1. Email us your idea for your unique custom cycling jerseys (you will have to supply all logo’s in a vector format)
  2. Download the pdf of our template and sketch out your idea. Take a picture and send it to
  3. Download the Adobe Illustrator template, design your own jersey and send us your .ai file to


Once you have sent us your idea, our designers will work with you to flesh out your idea and help you create your unique custom cycling jerseys for yourself, your club or event.


After your design is complete, we transform the design into a
3-dimensional rendering. This allows us and our clients to see any potential problems of the design and rectify them before going into production. It also gives our clients the closest example of their jersey for sign-off approval.


4 to 6 weeks after approval you will receive your unique custom cycling jerseys. Represent yourself, your club or your event, and enjoy your unique creation.


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